NJSUG 2009 Second Quarter Meeting

NJSUG 2009 2nd Quarter meeting was in the morning (9:00am - noon) on Friday, June 26 at:

Rutgers Labor Education Center
50 Labor Center Way
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


11:40- noon

Meeting Registration, gathering and continental breakfast
Effective Graphics using the SG Procedures (Dan Heath)
Secrets of the SG Procedures/ODS Graphics Designer (Dan Heath)
Random Access, Door Prizes and Closing Remarks

Effective Graphics using the SG Procedures


SGF2008 Paper


There are many types of graphics displays that you might need to create on a daily basis. In SAS ® 9.2, SAS/ GRAPH introduced a family of new procedures that enable you to create graphs quickly and efficiently. With very little coding effort, you can create effective and attractive graphics that can be as simple as scatter plots and bar charts, or as complex as multi-page classification panels.

The new statistical graphics (SG) family of procedures includes SGPLOT, SGPANEL, and SGSCATTER. The SGPLOT procedure creates single-celled graphs that can be constructed with a variety of plot and chart types. The SGPANEL procedure creates paneled graphs in which the paneling is driven by classification variables. The SGSCATTER procedure creates paneled scatter plots and matrices that have support for fitted lines, confidence bands, and computed ellipses. These three procedures are designed with a syntax that is powerful yet concise. This presentation provides examples that illustrate how you can use these procedures in your own work.

Secrets of the SG Procedures/ODS Graphics Designer


SGF2009 Paper


The SAS/GRAPH® SG procedures provide an extensive set of plots and supporting statements to create common graphs. However, there are creative ways to combine the statements and options in these procedures that might not be obvious. This presentation will reveal some of these techniques, enabling you to create many of the specialized graphs you need in your industry. These are some of the techniques that will be discussed:

  • creating an area plot from a band plot
  • displaying your custom limit calculations
  • using a vector plot for event and high-low types of plots
  • using paneling options for group axis effects

The SAS/GRAPH ODS Graphics Designer is an interactive graphical application that is used to create and design ODS graphics.

Dan Heath Interview (SGF2008)