NJSUG 2010 First Quarter Meeting and Special Afternoon Training

The meeting was in the morning (9:00am - noon) followed by Special Training Session in the afternoon (1:00 - 4:45pm) on Friday, December 11th at:

Rutgers Labor Education Center
50 Labor Center Way
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


11:40- noon

Meeting Registration, gathering and continental breakfast
Revolutionary BI (Charles Kincaid)
SAS Formats and Informats (Ron Cody)
Random Access, Door Prizes and Closing Remarks
Special Afternoon Training (Ron Cody)

Revolutionary BI: A Vision for Business Intelligence


See or download the paper. Check out other excellent COMSYS white papers, as well!


We generate and use Business Intelligence Reports in much the same way we used paper reports. However, like the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup we get even better results when we combine our information and analytics with new methods of creating and distributing them.

This session is intended to get people to think in a new way about business intelligence reporting and business analytics that increases the probability of BI success. It will reference many web 2.0 technologies such as mash- ups, RSS, etc., and show how you can incorporate popular apps like Google, Yahoo, wiki, etc. into your SAS applications.


Charles Kincaid has been with COMSYS since March of 1999, he runs three SAS Centers of Excellence for COMSYS: Somerset, NJ; Kalamazoo, MI; and San Francisco, CA. As Engagement Director, he is responsible for the quality of all of the work that is done in and through these Centers.

Prior to joining COMSYS he was a Statistician with Kellogg Company, a Statistical Consultant and a full time Lecturer with Dept of Statistics for the University of Florida.

He holds a PhD degree in Statistics from University of Florida as well as a MS in Statistics and a BS in Computer Sciences out of Kansas State University.

Using Advanced Features of User-defined Formats and Informats


SAS Global Forum 2010 paper is linked here. You've seen this presentation first at NJSUG before it is presented at SGF 2010!


Formats can do more than just make your output more readable. This paper discusses several of the more advanced features of formats, such as using formats to create new variables, using informats to filter data errors, reading combinations of character and numeric values in one step (using enhanced numeric informats), using formats for table look-up, embedding formats within other formats, multi-label formats, control datasets, and creating format names on the fly in a DATA Step to allow multi-way table lookups.


Ron Cody, Ed.D., is a retired professor from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School who now works as a private consultant and a national instructor for SAS Institute Inc. A SAS user since 1977, Ron's extensive knowledge and innovative style have made him a popular presenter at local, regional, and national SAS conferences. He has authored or co-authored numerous SAS books.

An Introduction to Data Cleaning with Ron Cody -- SPECIAL AFTERNOON TRAINING SESSION


This half-day workshop (1:00pm to 4:45pm) explores ways to look for data errors using both DATA step programming and Base SAS procedures. Functions such as VERIFY and several of the new SAS 9 character functions make SAS especially well suited to this task. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Checking values of character variables
  • Detecting numeric outliers
  • Checking for duplicate observations
  • Correcting data
  • Creating integrity constraints and audit trails


Ron Cody. Listen to Ron's interview at the SGF2009 discussing the popularity of his recent book, Learning SAS by Example: A Programmer's Guide. Click on the podcase icon on the left to find out what Ron does when he is not teaching SAS! (mp3, 8:24)

Cost and Registration

This afternoon session is at an additional cost of $125 per person, including a copy of course materials. It is open to members as well as to non-members. Registration must be done in advance to ensure an adequate supply of training materials. Checks should be made payable to: NJ SAS Users Group. To register for the class, call NJSUG Treasurer Ted Vittas at (973) 753-6311 or email us at nj.sas.users.group@gmail.com.

Payment must be arranged in advance. The NJSUG serves the right to cancel the class at any time. In this case, only course registration fees will be refunded in full.