NJSUG 2010 Second Quarter Meeting

The meeting was in the morning (9:00am - noon) on Friday, May 7th at:

Rutgers Labor Education Center
50 Labor Center Way
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


09:00-09:20 Registration and Continental Breakfast
09:20-10:20 Tiptoe Through the Templates (Cynthia Zender)
10:20-10:40 Break
10:40-11:40 The "Hottest" SAS Skills: A Roundtable Discussion
11:40-noon Closing Remarks and Door Prize Drawing

Tiptoe Through the Templates


Download Cynthia's SAS Global Forum 2009 paper. Check out her SAS Publishing Author page, and visit support.sas.com's ODS anchor point with lots of useful information!


Are you confused about the difference between style templates, table templates, tagset templates, and graph templates? Do you wonder how they're all used with ODS?

This paper provides an overview of all the different template types and how they're used with the Output Delivery System. From style and table templates, that first appeared with SAS 7 to the newest graph templates that appeared with SAS 9.2, this paper will provide an overview and several concrete examples for each template type. Along the way, we'll also discuss the template garden (SASHELP.TMPLMST) where all the templates live, how to transplant your templates to a different garden, how to come up with your own new variety of templates (PROC TEMPLATE), and how to find your way to the new template garden (ODS PATH). New features of PROC TEMPLATE syntax (such as the IMPORT statement) will be highlighted.


Cynthia Zender has been with SAS since 1996 as an instructor and course developer. She currently serves as the Curriculum Manager for Report Writing and Output Delivery System education. She has over 25 years of experience programming and reporting with SAS in a number of different industries such as education, public utility, and telecom.

Cynthia is a frequent speaker at SAS Global Forum and regional SAS users groups. She recently finished two graph-related courses and is the co-author of Output Delivery System: The Basics and Beyond.

Roundtable Discussion: The "Hottest" SAS Skills


What are the most sought after SAS skills in New Jersey? You will hear different perspectives on what employers are looking for in terms of skills and experiences in the current competitive market for SAS related jobs.

Moderator and Discussants

Moderator: Roberto Lopez (NJSUG)
Discussants: Matt Aston (Smith Hanley); Gourish Hosangady (Inforeem); Beilei Xu (Merck); and Cynthia Zender (SAS)