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Archive of Past Presentations

10-Mar-2000, Friday, 9:00am, JFK Conference Center, Edison NJ

Web Publishing Using SAS Software
Chris Bresson, Destiny Corporation, Wethersfield, Connecticut

Discussed will be publishing reports, graphs and process requests over the Web using SAS Software. Several techniques and issues will be discussed, along with a live demonstration. Destiny Corporation has extensive experience creating applications like these for their customers.


SAS Career Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Jean Kim, Smith Hanley Associates, NY and  Lloyd Turner, Ph.D., CIBER Custom Solutions Group, NJ

During this time of technological advancement and industry mergers, it is imperative that a professional manages his or her own career development. This is especially true in the pharmaceutical industry where new information technology meets advancements in bioscience.

This presentation will be in two parts:
Jean Kim will give a broad overview of SAS programming careers in the context of new developments in the industry, and how job descriptions have changed to fit the department's needs. Also, using her recruiting experience, she will speak about what applicants are seeking in companies and what companies look for in applicants. Lloyd Turner will use his experience developing a SAS IT group in a pharmaceutical company to discuss how new technology is changing the SAS Programmer's role and what type of new opportunities have emerged in the past few years.

Jean Kim recruits in the areas of Clinical Data Computing Systems focusing on Clinical SAS Programming, Data Management, Information Systems, and Database development. Jean attends and volunteers for various professional societies to keep informed of the new technological and process developments in the pharmaceutical industry. Jean's active presence in the industry offers a wealth of information to her clients' team building efforts and her candidates' career development plans.

Prior to joining Smith Hanley Associates in 1996, Jean served as the executive director of a social service agency and has also worked as a director of marketing for a media production company. She received her BA in Social Science from University of California at Berkeley and MPA in Public Administration from Harvard University.

Lloyd Turner is a senior consultant with the CIBER Custom Solutions Group in New Jersey. He has managed numerous client-server and data warehouse applications for clients in the telecommunications, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals industries. He is currently directing a business process re-engineering project involving biostatisticians and clinical programmers at the Schering-Plough Research Institute. He has a Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Pennsylvania and has extensive experience in using SAS tools in business and academic environments.



28-Apr-2000, Friday, 9:00am, Raritan Valley Community Coll., North Branch, NJ

SAS Certified Professional Program
Roger Staum, SAS Institute

An article on certification recently appeared in The NESUG Express, the newsletter for the Northeast SAS Users Group (NESUG). The article features an interview with two SAS Institute Quality Partners, Michael Davis and Dave Riba. Davis and Riba address such questions as "How should clients and employers view certification?" and "How should you prepare for the tests?" You can read this informative interview online at http://www.pace.edu/nesug/EXPRESS/nexp9910.pdf

Roger Staum is a Technical Consulting Specialist in the Education Division of SAS Institute. He has been an Institute employee for six years, based in the New York regional office. He teaches courses in the Accessing and Manipulating Data, Presenting Information, and Statistical Analysis curricula.


Overview of AppDev Studio
Carl LaChapelle, SAS Institute

AppDev Studio is a suite of products designed for the development of web based information delivery applications. Utilizing the power of Java, AppDev studio helps you develop a variety of web-based clients that expose the computational power and data services of the SAS MVA server.

In this presentation we'll take a look at each of the products that are part of AppDev Studio. We'll explore the features of each of the products, through a series of demos. We'll then discuss each of the different types of clients you can build with AppDev studio, and discuss their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Carl LaChapelle is the director of the Display Products division at SAS Institute. He has been an employee of SAS Institute for the past fifteen years. He is responsible for the development of SAS/AF, SAS/FSP, and AppDev Studio products. Over the years he has worked on many parts of the SAS system. He is currently working on getting SAS V8.1, and AppDev Studio 2.0 ready to ship.

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27-Oct-2000, Friday, 9:00am, Raritan Valley Community Coll., North Branch, NJ

On visualizing Direct and Partial Correlations
Leonardo E. Auslender, SAS Institute, Inc., Cary, NC

Statisticians and data analysts focus on correlations among pairs of variables to understand the strength of linear relationships in the data. Since correlations measure relations among pairs of variables, the standard output is in matrix form, which tends to be difficult to interpret for a large number of variables. The superlative analyst can also incorporate partial correlations to further deepen the analysis. The hapless data-miner who faces hundreds, if not thousands, of variables does not long to wade through reams of outputs of correlations to find "interesting" patterns.

In this paper, the author presents a method that enables to visualize any number of Pearson (and partial) correlations by using a Proc-Timeplot-like output.

Leonardo Auslender is a statistician and retired economist with honors with more than 20 years of business experience and SAS expertise, at present in the Analytical Consulting group of SAS Institute. His area of expertise is in the area of Giga-Data Analysis and Methods, and has written papers and given lectures on missing value imputation, Tree Regression, Support Vector Machines, Market-Basket Analysis, Data Base Marketing, CRM, GDP and (Relative Price) Inflation studies, Expectation Formations, Productivity and Technology effects in the economy. He was a lecturer of Finance and Macroeconomics at Rutgers University.


Data Warehousing and MDDB processing using the SAS system
George Bukhbinder, Palisades Research, Inc., Bernardsville, NJ

This paper addresses several factors important to the successful completion of a large-scale rapid data warehouse development project in the telecommunications industry. These factors include:

  • Data model design
  • Metadata maintenance
  • Dimensions and hierarchies required for building a multidimensional database (MDDB)
  • Internet enabled On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)

This paper also includes a demonstration of the Internet-enabled OLAP built as an interface to a data warehouse and demonstrates benefits business gains from building a powerful decision support system for marketing.

George Bukhbinder is a president of Palisades Research, Inc., a database development and analytic consulting firm. He has over 20 years of experience in marketing database design and development, market segmentation, and statistical modeling. He has worked extensively on the development and implementation of information systems for direct marketing, strategic planning, and profitability optimization. Mr. Bukhbinder has a Ph.D. in Statistics.