NJSUG 2010 Fourth Quarter Meeting

The meeting was in the morning (9:00am - noon) on Friday, Dec 10th at:

SAS Bedminster Training Center
1430 US Highway 206 North
Suite 200
Bedminster, NJ 07921


09:00-09:20 Registration and Continental Breakfast
09:20-10:20 Interactive and Efficient Macro Programming with Prompts in SAS Enterprise Guide (Kenneth Sucher)
10:20-10:40 Break
10:40-11:40 Handling XML Documents with SAS (Lex Jansen)
11:40-noon Closing Remarks and Door Prize Drawing

Interactive and Efficient Macro Programming with Prompts in SAS Enterprise Guide


Paper(pdf) presented at SAS Global Forum 2010


SAS Enterprise Guide is the front-end Windows client that provides a point-and-click interface to access and analyze your data in SAS. Longtime users of SAS, especially those who already take advantage of macro processing, might shy away from SAS Enterprise Guide, seeing it as a tool for novice users or useful only for creating a stored process. This paper focuses on macro processing use (called "prompts") inside the SAS Enterprise Guide environment. I intend to demonstrate some advanced techniques that are not only very practical, but only possible in the SAS Enterprise Guide environment.

Topics covered include: creating and using prompts in tasks and queries, multiple value and range prompts, running tasks conditionally, and adding runtime prompts to a user‟s own code. This paper is especially useful for current SAS programmers who are interested in increasing the functionality of their macro programming skills, as well as non-macro users looking for a less programmatic introduction to macro processing within the SAS Enterprise Guide environment.


Kenneth Sucher is an advanced SAS certified instructor for SAS Education. He received his master's degree in sociology from Florida State University. Kenneth used SAS during grad school and he honed his SAS skills while working as a statistician for the Census Bureau and later as a demographer for the Urban Institute. Since coming to SAS 5 years ago, he has become an Enterprise Guide expert. Kenneth teaches and works on course development for Enterprise Guide as well as SAS programming courses including macro and SQL processing. Kenneth currently lives in Washington, DC.

Handling XML Documents with SAS


Presentation(pdf). Also check out Lex's award winning SAS conference papers at his site, http://www.lexjansen.com/


Reading and writing XML Documents in SAS becomes an essential skill for SAS users as an increasing amount of information is exchanged as XML Documents. Through presentation and demonstration, I will go over some basics about XML documents, XML library engine, and XML Mapper. I will also share some lessons learned from handling XML documents using SAS and showcase some of the advanced handlings of more complicated XML related technology in the context of CDIS SDTM data submission.


Lex Jansen is a senior consultant in the Clinical Data Strategies section of Octagon Research Solutions, Inc. Lex has nearly 20 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He was the senior director, Clinical Information Systems at TAKE Solutions where he consulted with clients to help them with their CDISC SDTM implementations and designed and developed a SAS toolset to support SDTM implementations. He also spent sixteen years at Organon in global biometrics where he was responsible for the global biometrics SAS infrastructure and served as technical lead for the CDISC Implementation Team, project lead and technical lead for Organon's CDISC SDTM Late Stage Conversion Project and a core member of the SDTM-based data warehouse project. Mr. Jansen has experience leading SDTM implementation projects and infrastructure design projects. He is a member of the CDISC XML Technologies team and a member of the editorial board of the Pharmaceutical Programming journal. Mr. Jansen is a frequent presenter at SAS User Group conferences. His web site (http://www.lexjansen.com/) is a well-known destination for SAS users as it features over 11,000 links to the most of the global and regional SAS conference papers.

Annual SAS Book Sale

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